About us

We are Tobias and Ida, we love doing new things we don’t know how to do, but also things we do know how to do ?

Since we like to challenge ourselves and doing things we don’t know how to do we have decided to build our own campervan – on our own!

But since we share 3 main interests, that being: riding our bikes (preferably downhill.. it’s just soo much more fun), ski touring (here we also of course prefer the down part) and filming & photography. It is pretty important for us that this van of our supports and facilitates (yes, it must) our interests.

Therefore, our van not only WILL but it HAVE TO become the ultimate adventure campervan! And we couldn’t be more excited!! and scared, really scared.. ?

We both want to live life to it’s fullest and explore and live as much as we can.

This site is dedicated to just that, exploring and living your life, just the way you’d like to!