The ultimate adventure campervan – inspiration

Camper van in Glen Coe

We are planning to build the ultimate adventure campervan! One of the hardest things, when you are building your van, is to decide what layout you are going for. In a van, you have very limited space so you need to be very conscious of what you decide on and you will probably not get everything you want.

We want a van the is suitable for all our adventures. A van that will fit our bikes inside the van. Non of is like to make up the bed ? so a permanent bed is a must. When you are off the grid and do all different kinds of adventures a bathroom/a and shower is a must. We also need a dining area that we also can do some work.

Here are some inspiration that is quite close to what we are thing to do.

Some ultimate adventure campervan inspiration

Freedom Vans – Friz Roy

This beautiful van is very close to what we are planning to build when it comes to layout and features. For style and feel The Fred van and Pauls are more what we are going for. This van comes with a bike garage, side to side permanent bed, a bathroom/shower, and a dining/work area. It even has an AC. The AC is mounted on the floor and under the van which gives more rooftop space for solar wich is nice, but I don’t think that is a valid solution for us because of winter, snow, and dirty roads. This van has a diner booth witch is something we will not have, we will use the driver seat as a second place to sit. This van is a Mercedes Sprinter.

Freedom Vans – Fred

The only Ford Transit on the list, so our van ?. This van is built for a couple that love to ski and mountain bike. They also wanted a place where they could work on while being on the road. Sound familiar? This is pretty much what we want ?.

Paul The Punter – Pro-Built Custom Van For Mountain Biking

Pauls van is a real master pice and is not far from what we have in mind for ours. Some of the main difference will be that he is lacking a separate bathroom/shower and he has a gas burner (propane) and we will have an induction top. His van is a Promaster and ours is a Transit.

Check out the full van build on his YouTube channel.

Matt Jones VW T6.1

This is a quite different van and build than we have in mind but we are a big fan of both Matt Jones and his YouTube channel, so it would be just wrong not to mention him here :). When that is said the van has some really cool features like the bike tray, heated storage for drying, and the possibility to edit on the road.

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